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Promotion of a website is an important but often forgotten part of the launch of the site. There are several ways that a website can be promoted. Some ideas are suggested below. If you require clarification or more information, please contact MetaTune for professional assistance at reasonable cost.

The easiest way to promote a website is to tell all your colleagues, associates, customers and/or friends about the site. Put the name of your website and E-mail address on your letterhead and business cards. Update any promotional material you have to include details of the website. In the case of a company site, ensure that your entry in directories include the web site.

Search engines and web directories are an obvious way to promote a site, but unless the site is of a specialist nature, it can be very difficult to generate a reasonable number of visitors. It is important that a website has been completed and checked before submission to search engines. Also the text and the meta-tags on the site should be tuned so that the indexing of the search engines will generate the best results. Professional help is recommended for this, and  MetaTune  will be pleased to advise. In addition, the Owner.BCentral site has a useful feature for listing and checking the meta-tags.

There are hundreds of search engines, of which some require a payment before a site can be submitted for listing.  WebLocate.info recommend using a company to submit to search engines.  There are many companies that specialise in submissions to search engines, but  MetaTune are able to advise the best way of submitting a web site to search engines.  It is possible to manually submit a site to a search engine or directory, but this is time consuming, and use of specialist companies are more likely to result in a listing. Where a payment is required, it may be better to submit a site manually. The msn.com site has the most visitors, and generates the most hits on other sites, so payment for a listing on msn.com may well be worth considering.

Most sites have a regional interest, so submitting to global search engines may not be the best way to generate visitors. WebLocate.info recommend using search engines listed in the regional area of WebLocate.info Search Engines to find the search engines and directories for your state or country which are likely to get your site the most visitors. The web site can then be manually submitted to every suitable search engine or directory.

An alternative way of promoting a web site is to get other web sites to link to your web sites. If you have more than one web site, link them to each other. Many search engines rank web sites by the number of sites that link to them. There are specialist sites like link-list-uk.com and linkstoyou.com that will add a link to your website if you add a link to their website. There is a benefit to both sites as their rankings will both be boosted, and at no cost.

Consider having more than one domain name for your website. If you are using a .com, .net or .biz name for your site, why not register a regional name like .co.uk as well? See WebLocate.info Domain Names for a list of companies that specialise in registering domain names. For instance, a directory of UK sites maybe more likely to list a site with a .co.uk name than a .com name. Likewise, if a site has content which is of global interest, it will probably help to use a .com, .net or .biz name as well. Your hosting company can transparently redirect the extra domain names to the main web site.

A measure of success of promotion is to test how many search engines list a web site. It can easily take 6 to 8 weeks or more to get a site listed, so be patient!  It is possible for a site to be dropped by a search engine, so a regular check of the major search engines is recommended to ensure that a site has been listed. In addition, a meta-search engine can be used to establish how many search engine list a particular web site. See WebLocate.info Meta Search Engines for details. The msn.com and google.com search engines are likely to generate more visitors than all the other search engines combined, so these should be closely monitored.

Most hosting companies are able to produce statistics on the traffic generated by a web site. WebLocate recommend that statistics should be analyzed for every site. The statistics for a web site may be raw log files or reports generated in html. A utility will be required to analyze raw log files. There are many available, and many are shareware. WebLocate recommend and use OpenWebScope, which can be purchased at a small cost after a free evaluation. This program is configurable and produces statistics that are easily understood.

Statistics will reveal the number of visitors of a web site. There are two distinct types of visitor. Web spiders or bots are used by search engines and directories to grab the html for pages in the web site. The pages grabbed are then indexed by the search engine. Page views of a web site by humans are generally of more interest than visits by spiders or bots, but it is not always easy to tell them apart. The key test of any web site is how many page views are achieved by humans, and of these how many visits result in purchases or contact being made.

If you require further assistance or advice on promoting web sites or analysis of log files, please contact  MetaTune who can help maximise the benefit from the cost of creating and running your web site.


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