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WebLocate.info Company helps home and business users of the Internet find web pages on leading British companies, buy and sell shares, and obtain latest news and financial information on British and American companies.

Company web pages  can be used for many purposes, including investor information, job seeking, buying on-line, and obtaining  details of products and company strategy.  Details are given of useful information sources for investors, including websites for finance information,  newspapers for investors, and magazines that help you decide when to buy and sell shares.

Finance Websites contains links that have background information on British and American companies including current and historic values of shares, and bulletin boards for investors.  Share portfolios can be defined and fund value tracked.
FTSE 100 contains the largest 100 companies listed in the UK FT100 index. The sites for the FTSE 100 companies are listed by name and by category.
FTSE 250 contains the next largest 250 companies listed in the UK FT250 index that are outside the FTSE 100. The sites for the FTSE 250 companies are listed by name and by category.  The FTSE 350 list is the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 combined.
Online brokers are used to buy and sell shares on the internet without the need to talk to a stock broker.  Rapid trading is possible using stock brokers with web based trading.  An on-line bank account is normally required.
Investor Newspapers contain plenty of information on the stock market and business. Many leading newspapers from around the world are now available on the Internet.  Investment newspapers give latest share prices and company announcements.
Investor Magazines are specialist publications that have in depth analysis of company results and tips on the shares that should be bought or sold.  Investment magazines can give information that is now widely available in newspapers.
More information is available on company and financial web pages, and how they can be used to obtain valuable information.

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