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WebLocate.info Build helps home users and small businesses to build a website so that information, products and services can be presented on the internet and shared with the world. Some ideas are given on how to promote a web site to increase the number of hits.

A Domain Name is required to identify a web site.  Domain names can be global or local to a country, for individuals, businesses, organisations and government departments.  WebLocate.info has pages that list web sites for registration of British, American and domain names for other countries.  There is also general information about domain names for web sites.
Good Website Design helps to ensure that appearance, structure and content  contribute to a successful web site.  Some tools and approaches are outlined to help you make a better website.
A Hosting Service is used to present a web site on the Internet. Personal web sites can often be served by the ISP.  Business web sites normally need a specialist company to provide the required performance and availability.  WebLocate.info has pages that list British hosting companies (A to J, L to W) and American hosting companies.  There is also general information about hosting services.
Website Promotion helps to ensure that a fair percentage of the target audience is reached.  Analysis tools are discussed that monitor activity on a web site and see which pages are being viewed and from where.
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