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It is strange, but printed information is the best way of initially finding out about the Internet.  A visit to the newsagents will show that there many different Internet magazines around.  These vary in technical content from complete novice to experienced Internet surfer.  The listing of magazines has been split between consumer and business as the content and readers are very different.

Internet Service Provider -  the selection of ISP is the first choice to make.  There are hundreds of ISP's, some free (pay for calls only), some free (pay for calls up front), and some by subscription (pay for usage and calls).  How do you select what type of ISP and which ISP?  A look through the Internet magazines will give details of ISP's.  There are often surveys that you could use to select your first, second, or other alternative ISP.   See also WebLocate.info ISP pages on this site.

Web Browser software like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator will be needed to view web pages.  These two are the most popular browsers, but there are others!  Magazines often include CD-ROMs that contain free or demonstration software that include a web browser

Web Sites - there often articles on new, useful, or most popular web sites, or lists of web sites for special interests.  It is often easier to find an interesting site in a magazine than by use of an Internet Search Engine.  See also WebLocate.info Search Engine pages on this site. E-Commerce means that more and more business is being conducted via the web. A portal site has been built for E-Commerce, but may also be a search engine as well. 

Domain Registration - is needed when you are to preparing to create your own site.  There are now dozens of companies that allow you to register a domain name, and many of these advertise in magazines.  Consider if you need an international (USA) based name (.com, .net, .biz, .info or .org), a national based name (.co.uk, .net.uk, .org.uk), or a domain as a part of a hosting service.  The costs and benefits are different for each.  Se also WebLocate.info Domain Registration pages on this site.

Software Tools - are needed to build web sites, especially if sites are to have impact.  Articles and adverts are useful source of information.  A prototype web site can be built with a minimum of learning, but for a professional site, it is normally best to use specialists.

Hosting Services - are offered by many companies.  There are often articles and advertisements on Hosting Services.  See also WebLocate.info Hosting Services pages on this site.


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