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The sites listed below promote magazines for business users of the internet.  These are a useful source of information. All prices are subject to change.

GB Business Magazines         Publisher              Cost  Frequency 

.com Your Business            Sun Microsystems      2.99  Monthly

Cre@te Online                 Future Publishing     5.00  Monthly

Information Age               Infoconomy            6.00  Monthly

Information World Review      Learned Information   3.42  Monthly

Internet Business             Haymarket Publishing  2.95  Monthly

Internet World                Hillgate Comms.       3.35  Monthly

Knowledge Management Monthly  Bizmedia              6.67  Bi-monthly

Media Week                    Quantum Publishing    1.85  Weekly

New Media Age                 Nigel Roby            2.95  Monthly

Red Herring                   Red Herring           3.95  Monthly

Revolution Magazine           Haymarket Management  2.10  Monthly

    * Prices are subject to change         Updated 14/01/01


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