WebLocate GB Home Subscription Internet Service Providers

The companies listed below offer internet services for home, including connection to the Internet, E-Mail and often personal web space.  The services are on subscription, so charges are made for connection time and storage.

Subscription ISP Companies           ISP Phone 

AIC-Entanet Service Provider         01279-306677

AOL Internet Sevice Provider         0800-3765432

Avente Internet                      01283-545000

Aviators Network Service Provider    0700-2842867

BT Internet Service Provider         0800-800001

Bun.com Service Provider             0845-3063636

CableNet Service Provider            0800-1958888

Cheapnet Service Provider            0870-5168160

ClaraNet Service Provider            0800-3582828

CommUnity Internet Service Provider  01865-856000

CompuServe Service Provider            0870-5000200

CYBERphile Internet Service Provider 01543-454840

Cygent Internet Services             020-88804650

Demon Internet Service Provider      020-83711234

DIALNet Connect Service Provider     0800-881881

Direct Connection Service Provider   0800-0720000

DNA Internet Services                01604-670717

Easynet Service Provider             020-76814444

Eclipse Networking Service Provider  01392-202345

ENTANET Service Provider             0500-368263

Enterprise plc Service Provider      01624-677666

Firstnet Service Provider            0113-2944224

Force 9 Service Provider             0800-0737800

Freedoem to Surf Service Provider    020-88812111

Frontier Internet Services           0845-6011279

Gifford Internet Services            0117-9397722

Ideal Internet Service Provider      01942-522333

Interactive Web Service Provider     01926-450099

Interalpha Service Provider          01703-363200

Intonet Service Provider             020-89419195

Inweb Service Provider               0845-6062014

I-Way Soho Service Provider          020-77345734

Legend Internet Service Provider     01274-743500

Moonlight Service Provider           01276-856868

Netcom Service Provider              0800-9809107

Newbury Internet Service Provider    01635-569123

Onyx Service Provider                0345-715715

Pavilion Internet Service Provider   01273-607072

Pinnacle Internet Service Provider   01903-524999

Pipemedia OnLine Service Provider    01455-828218

Power Internet                       01908-605188

Primex Service Provider              01908-643597

SAQ Internet Service Provider        0870-7377700

SoftProg NET Service Provider        020-87880656

Strongnet Service Provider           01703-866006

Swift Internet Service Provider      0845-6060210

UK2Net Service Provider              020-75380253

UUNet (Pipex Dial) Service Provider  0500-567000

Vossnet  Service Provider            01753-737800

Wave Rider Internet Service Provider 0121-6033888

Which?-Online Service Provider       0645-830240

Worldwide Web Services Provider      01784-898800

Zen Internet Service Provider        01706-713714

Zoo Internet Service Provider        020-89617000


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