WebLocate GB Free Home Internet Service Providers

The companies listed below offer free services for home users of the Internet including including connection to the Internet, E-Mail and often personal web space.  The cost of the telephone calls can be paid in advance or as and when made. 

Business ISP Companies             ISP Phone     Web Space       E-Mail

Abel Gratis Service Provider       0131-4455555  50MB Home + B   Unlimited

Breathe Internet Service Provider  0800-2983030  10MB personal   5 POP3 accounts

C&W Internet Lite Service Provider 0800-0923013  20MB            5 addresses

Connect FREE Service Provider      0870-7421111  yes             Unlimited POP3

ConX Service Provider              0900-7770055

Cyberware Service Provider         01733-765050

Free4All Service Provider          01303-775500  10MB free       Unlimited POP3

Freebeeb Service Provider          09066-500600

Freenet Service Provider           0870-5500049  15MB free       Unlimited POP3

Freenetname Service Provider       0800-3766910  20MB free       unlimited

Free-Online Service Provider       0870-7060504  unlimited       unlimited POP3

FreeUK Service Provider            0900-9000900  25MB free       Unlimited POP3

FreeZone Service Provider          0845-1170366  20MB free       Unlimited POP3

Gateway 2000 Service Provider      0800-802000

ic24 Service Provider              09067-444222

Icom-Web Service Provider          0800-7318419

IPNet Service Provider

Kirion Service Provider            020-72423555

LineOne Service Provider           0906-3020100  10MB free       5 addresses

Madasafish Service Provider        09010-222324  unlimited       unlimited

Netscape Online Service Provider   0800-9230009

Screaming.net Service Provider     0800-3765262

Tele7 Service Provider             0845-2020777

Telinco Internet Services          0800-5420800  5MB free        unlimited POP3

TescoNet Service Provider          0345-225533   10MB free       5 POP3

TIA Net Service Provider           0800-0926070

Tiny Service Provider              0900-2909103  15MB            5 addresses

UK Online Service Provider         0845-3334567  Unlimited       Unlimited

UKPeople Service Provider          0800-5425200

U-net Service Provider             0800-4962903

Viperspeed.net                     0961-396150

Virgin Net Service Provider        0500-558800   10MB free       5 addresses

Vispa Internet Services Provider   07080-814220

Waitrose Service Provider

WH Smith Service Provider          0207-4093222  none            unlimited

Yahoo! Online Service Provider     None          15MB free       Unlimited


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