WebLocate GB Business Internet Service Providers

The companies listed below offer internet services for business, including connection to the Internet and E-Mail.

Business ISP Companies             ISP Phone 

Ace Internet Service Provider      0705-0667423

Baynet Service Provider            01222-256401

Cerbernet                          020-73608000

CIX Service Provider               020-82555151

Connecting Business Provider       0906-7164444

Direct Net @ccess Service Provider 01232-201555

FDD Service Provider               01865-321003

Gemsoft Service Provider           0114-2757070

HiWay Service Provider             01635-573300

ICM Nerserv Service Provider       0800-614581

Internet for Business              01224-333370

Intrascape Communications          020-86795537

London Web Comms Service Provider  0800-0268306

Mistral Internet                   0800-3287253

NetKonect Service Provider         020-73457777

Nildram Service Provider           0800-4962903

Plugin Service Provider            0800-7839250

Poptel Service Provider            020-79239465

REDNET Service Provider            01494-513133

The Internet Business              01232-424190

Themail Service Provider           0906-6190084

VAS-NET Service Provider           01732-866529


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