WebLocate - USA and American Hosting Services 

The list below shows companies that are based in USA that host web sites and provide other related services.  All prices are subject to change and there are many service options to consider.

USA Hosting Services         NT Cost      Tel. Contact  E-Mail  Frontpage

101 Highway                  $388/50MB    888-398-4703  12*POP3  Inc.

A+Net Internet Services      $419 unlimit 858-558-8449  2*POP3   Inc.

Global Knowledge Group       $359/50MB    900-6170412

InterAccess Co.              $1500/40MB

Register.com                 $299/50MB    877-9322629   20*POP3

Solo Web Hosting             $179 unlimit 858-5588449   40*POP3  Inc.

The NameIt Corporation       Not Avail.


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