WebLocate - Directory of GB and British Hosting Services (L to W)

The list below shows companies that are GB based that host web sites and provide other related services.  All prices are subject to change and there are many service options to consider.

GB Hosting Services          NT Cost      Tel. Contact  E-Mail  Frontpage

Legend Internet              192/50MB    01274-743500  Inc.

Lexology                     Not Avail.   01624-286000  Inc.

Lollinames                   75/50MB     0845-4583434  Unlimit

Magic Moments Hosting        255/100MB   0808-1006200  50      180

Mistral Internet             200/100MB   0800-3287253  Unlimit

Net Identity Hosting Service 230/50MB    0800-0730341  10*POP3

Net Nation Hosting Service   144/50MB                  10*POP3

Netalia Hosting Services     160/40MB    0800-3580084  1*POP3   Inc.

NetBenefit                   300/100MB   020-73366777

Netcom UK                    120/25MB    0800-9809103  20*POP3

NetKonect Communications     199/unlimit 0808-1630000  Unlimit

NewNet                       80/50MB                   40

NIC Names Hosting Service    99/100MB    0800-7314780

Nildram                      600/50MB    01296-319100  Inc.

Orbital Net Hosting Service  129/50MB    0800-3891397  5*POP3   Inc. 

Paradise Internet Networks   660/50MB    01256-414863  10*POP3  120

Positive Internet            250/100MB   0800-3161006  Unlimit  Inc.

Sky Market                   149/50MB    0800-9159159  10      Inc.

Smart Hosts                  99/25MB     0800-5424842  10*POP3

Tele7.net                    54/20MB     0870-2020777  3*POP3   Inc.

The Advanced Group           275/50MB                  75      Inc.

The Name Hosting Companies   50/10MB     0800-5422679  59.88

TWF Corporate Solution       180/5MB     020-73973450  1*POP3

UKfast.net                   385/50MB    0800-7817818  8*POP3   Inc.

Versus.Net                   199/50MB    0808-1445560  5*POP3   Inc.

Virtual Internet             169/50MB    020-74604066  59

Web Fusion Hosting Service   199/100MB   0115-9170000  100*POP3 Inc.

Web Tapestry                 125/50MB    0800-0151718  5*POP3   9.95


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