WebLocate - Directory of GB and British Hosting Services (A to J)

The list below shows companies that are GB based that host web sites and provide other related services.  All prices are subject to change and there are many service options to consider.

GB Hosting Services          NT Cost      Tel. Contact  E-Mail  Frontpage

10 Internet                  250/50MB    0906-3-20086  Inc.

Ace Internet                 22.50/20MB  0870-7407555

AQ Hosting Service           185/50MB    0800-3895815  5*POP3

BoyanNet                     270/20MB    020-88782452  10*POP3

Bucks Net                    Not Avail.   01296-432486

Cheap Names                  99/15MB     01905-610447  5*POP3   Inc.

ClaraNet                     Not Avail.   0845-3552000

Concentric Network           129/20MB    0845-3360845  Inc.

Demon Internet               720/50MB    0845-2720666

Design Hosts Hosting Service 110/100MB   07801-852357           35

Direct Connection            600/20MB    0800-072000   Inc.     Inc.

Easy Space Hosting Service   60/100MB                  1*POP3   Inc.

Easynet                      Not Avail.   0845-3334567

Electric Names               149/50MB    020-88750200  1*POP3   40

Electronic Media Services    300 upwards 01428-751655

End Design                   189/50MB    01372-458080

EntWeb                       225/50MB    0800525470    15      40

Fast Hosts Hosting Service   162/100MB   01452-541499  Unlimit  Inc.

FDD                          Not Avail.   01865-321003  5*POP3

Free Domains                 150/10MB    0870-1222112  Unlimit  Inc.

Free Zone Hosting Service    199/50MB    0800-0745182

Frontier Internet Services   175/20MB    0845-6011279

Gemsoft                      100/25MB    0800-1381177

Get1online Solutions         100/20MB    0870-7419880  2*POP3

Hosting Deals                99/99MB     01506-418428

Hotchilli Internet Solutions 149/40MB    01245-491659  10*POP3  Inc.

Imageinet                    Not Avail.   0800-0527194

Intensive Networks           100/50MB    0870-161012   8*POP3   Inc.

Inweb Networks               199/50MB    0800-9158888

ISION Internet               199/50MB    020-82936000

Just Space                   75/30MB     01935-432233  25      50


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