WebLocate.info - About Company Web Pages

Company web pages are useful way of finding information on companies before purchasing services or products, and also before buying or selling shares.  The amount of information in company web pages varies hugely, but below are the types of detail that might be on offer.

Company Background - details on the products and services provided by the company, locations of offices and factories, and the number of employees. Also, information for customer support.

Shareholder Information - details on the company share price, recent press releases.

Company policy - details of how the company works with suppliers, customers and the general public, and maybe environmental policy.

Jobs - details of the types of employment available and the locations where this is on offer.

E-Commerce - increasingly, many companies have facilities for the suppliers and the general public to buy through their web pages.   

Financial - There are many sources of financial information about companies that are listed on Financial web sites.  The information includes current and historical data of prices.  Many sites also now offer the ability to deal in shares on-line, but an account will have to be created before these can be used.

Investment Newspapers and Magazines - These are useful sources of information on companies and shares, but the details should be treated with some scepticism.

Web Brokers - Enable shares to be traded on-line through the internet, normally at much lower cost than through a traditional broker.  However, no advice can be expected, so this is strictly for the experts!


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